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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 12 - On the hunt for cheese

Dave decided that he wanted to try navigating down to Ganges harbor on Salt Spring Island on the east side of the islands, rather than taking our usual inside passage in more protected waters.  Since it was calm, this was no problem.  But it meant getting up at 7am and departing early so that we would get to Active Pass when the tides were right to be able to get through.  But we didn't get there in time, so Dave went through Poiler Pass instead.  It was fairly exciting as it was still moving along at 2 knots when Dave went through.  Two knots might not seem like much, but there are lots of eddies and whirlpools that tossed us around a bit.  Breakfast was yogurt and home made granola with nectarines.

Dave and I visited Salt Spring Island a couple of years ago and had a ton of fun visiting the Salt Spring Cheese Company which makes fresh goat cheese.  So we decided we would see if we could hunt up some more of their cheese in town - and sure enough were able to locate it and had cheese and crackers for dinner.

We discovered when we got back in cell phone range that there were no spa reservations available at Poet's Cove.  Bummer!  But not to be deterred, Dave found a spa here on Salt Spring Island, so we decided to stay here another day and have a couple's massage tomorrow.  We will still be able to make it to Friday Harbor on Thursday to clear customs and get back to Anacortes by Saturday morning.

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