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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 13 - A day at the spa

We hung out in Ganges for the day.  It was beautiful and sunny and warm.  One of the few really nice days.  We set out about 1pm for the spa which was up on the north end of the island.  We took a taxi ride up there.  The spa was one that follows the Indian traditions.  Dave said it was the best massage he ever got.  His favorite part was when they massaged his ears.  We then went and sat in the infrared sauna for 20 minutes.  That was all we could stand!

We took a taxi back and had some snacks - olives and cheese.  We hung out on the boat for a while and then when it got to be 7pm we headed out for dinner.  We had reservations at Hastings House - a country house hotel in Ganges.  They were on the other side of the bay, so we headed out via dingy.  Shortly after taking off, Melissa looked down to zip up her jacket.  At the same time, Dave got distracted securing something in the bottom of the dingy.  Melissa looked up just in time to see the edge of the dock coming right at them.  Before she could alert Dave, wham!  Into the dock they went.  Dave was tossed forward, but no harm done as the dingy was an inflatable and just bounced off.  Both of us started cracking up.  Dave said, "You aren't going to put this in the log, are you?"

Dinner was fabulous.  Expensive, but very yummy.  The service was perfect.  We were a little under dressed, but no one seemed to mind.  Dave had the steak and Melissa had the lamb.

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