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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 14 - Where did the dinghy go?

Dave got up early the next morning to head out.  He headed off to the restroom and upon his return spotted a dingy that looked just like ours down at the fuel dock.  Hmmm.... Looks just like ours, he thought.  Hey wait!  It IS ours!  Now how the heck did it get all the way down here last night?  Guess we'll never know. 

Melissa slept till noon, and got up just in time to help land the boat in Friday Harbor so we could clear customs.  When we got there the custom's dock was full and we had to wait around for someone to leave before we could pull in.  Dave got us cleared and started to push off the dock.  But alas, the big wooden ship the Adventurer was right in front of us.  What Dave couldn't see because it was blocked from view by the bimini was that the Adventurer's boom hung out a good 6 or 7 feet past the transom.  So as we were departing, we got our main stay tangled up with the boom.  Oops.  Fortunately there was no harm done.

From, there we made our way over to Fisherman's bay on Lopez Island.  The channel into Fisherman's bay is very shallow, so you can only go in and out at high tide.  When we got there the tide was still rising, but it was high enough for us to safely make our way in and tie up at the Islander resort.  We met friends Bob and Diane here who had sailed their boat up from Olympia.  They are 1 week into a 3 week vacation and are still in the process of making their way further north.  Bob and Diane caught 4 big crabs which we ate for dinner along with peanut chicken skewers and mozzarella/tomato/basil appetizers.

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