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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 7 - Don't Fall Overboard!

The next morning, John got up and went fishing.  He caught one small flounder, but nothing else that was big enough to keep.  For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with ham and hollandaise sauce and grilled English muffins.  That might even be better than the traditional Eggs Benedict.  Yum.

We then went to the store at squirrel cove, bought a few supplies, and then went to Cassel Falls at the end of Teakerne Arm.  There is a big waterfall there along with a hike to a lake above.  It was a hot day and the boys decided to jump in.  The water was cool, but refreshing.  The girls took pictures but stayed dry.  We then went on to Roscoe Bay for the night.  Roscoe Bay was very protected from the winds, so we were happy to be anchoring there.  We did a stern tie anchor - which meant John had to take a line from the stern of the boat and tie it to a tree on land.  The brush turned out to be horrible.  Dave yelled "Sorry John" when it became clear that John was struggling to make his way through the brush and the guy in the boat next to us started laughing (probably had the same problem!).  Dave joked that he should have sent John with a machete.

When we got settled we realized that we were square in the middle of a swarm of white jelly fish.  Thousands and thousands of them.  John scooped one up in a glass so that we could have a closer look.  They appear so peaceful - but we were careful not to touch.  It would hurt if anyone fell overboard here!

Appetizers were hummus and cucumber sticks.  Dinner was New York strip steaks with blue cheese, grilled zucchini.  Those New York's were as tender as most tenderloins.

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