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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 8 - How many bottles did we drink?

We decided to just hang out at Roscoe Bay as the weather was rainy and wet.  Dave, Cindy and John hiked up to a nearby lake.  Along the way Dave found a huckleberry bush and found that Cindy and John had never tasted them before.  This lake was even warmer than the previous lake where the boys jumped in, but it was too cold and rainy to swim.  Melissa stayed behind and read another book.

Lunch was turkey salad with avocados and tomatoes.  Since it was cold and rainy, Melissa decided to bake some fresh bread from scratch.  She didn't have any recipes with her, so she had to guess at the right proportions.  It game out well, except that the oven wasn't particularly cooperative and it was burnt on the bottom.  None the less, it was fabulous with the blackberry jam that Auntie Bill had given us - she had picked the blackberries on the side of the road made it fresh while we were all sitting around Garden bay waiting for the weather to improve.  Dinner that night was taco salad.  Being the last night aboard, we stayed up drinking way too much wine late into the night.

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