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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Lay day in Newport

We woke up to blue skies and light winds after sleeping 11 hours. We must have got behind with all the early starts. Weather is nice enough that we could have probably made Coos Bay just fine if we had left early. Oh well, Gerry and Dave remembered the decision to be stuck in Newport is a lot better than Coos Bay. Not sure what we will do today - Dave and Melissa will probably get a car. Dave overheard the girls talking about finding a spa. Sheesh, what is this - vacation or something?

The guys pittered around the boat. Dave fixed the radio up top. Gerry and Michael worked on the drawer in the galley. Melissa was tired of the bungee cord fix. Later, we got a car and went exploring. The guys hit all the marine shops looking for a drawer latch, replacement screwdriver and some wire splices. The girls went shopping in all the little shops in the historic part of Newport. When we came back from our adventures, it was really blowing. We saw 30+ on the boat - who knows what it would be out in the open. Glad we did not go out today.

Dinner was up in Depoe Bay, the world's smallest harbor. We had an excellent dinner with beautiful views at Tidal Raves. We saw a bunch of whales going north blowing and even a couple breaching. After dinner, we walked around the harbor and the bridge to check things out. That would be quite a harbor entrance to attempt.

Tomorrow's forecast is still a bit rough so we are staying one more day. The girls have the spa appointments all set up and we want to go to the aquarium. Newport is a fun little town; We are glad we got to poke around a bit even though it set us back a couple days.

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