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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

A visit to our furniture

So this weekend we decided to head over to Sequim and visit our furniture at Lisa and Murph's place on the water.  Some of you may recall that when we packed up our condo to go sailing, we shipped all the furniture over to their place. They didn't have any furniture yet in this 4000 sq foot retirement home because they were still living at their house in Renton as they were both still working.  Now that Murph is starting his own handyman business, and Lisa can work remotely from Sequim, they put their Renton house on the market this week.  The way the timing works out on this is downright scary really.  Their house sold this weekend while we were there - cash deal for $20K more than asking price (which was already $10K higher than the real estate agents recommended listing it),  in four days on the market.  But what this means to us is that this week they will finish packing up the Renton house and ship their furniture and household goods out to Sequim.  The house is big enough that all their furniture will fit along side ours - should we elect to rent a furnished place for a while.  But they will pack up our kitchen (dishes and appliances) stuff as they unpack their own kitchen stuff.  So wherever we land, Melissa will have her kitchen stuff back.

Meanwhile, we had a great time just hanging at their place this weekend.  Dave had fun mowing their lawn which turned out to be a one beer job.

This shot of a deer in the yard next door gives you some idea of what the view from their deck looks like.  And why we are perfectly happy to hang out here for the weekend doing a whole lot of nothing.

Well, ok, we might have drank a wee bit of wine while we were there...


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A wee bit indeed... LOL!! That is my kind of weekend!