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Apsaras Proudly Flies the Colors

So in these crazy days of COVID, we've been WFB (working from boat) when the occasion and weather would allow.  So the past few weeks we've been on and off the boat.  A bit of an oddity for those we work with, but for us - its like a taste of live aboard again.  Amazingly we have internet via cell p…

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Zip Stitches - a new edition to the med kit

As you all know, I've blogged quite a bit about our medical kit and preparation for medical issues while underway.  We found a new edition that we think is a "must have".  One of the items we originally packed up was a stitch kit in case someone was wounded.  Though the idea of sewing someone up was…

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Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls and French Bread!

With COVID isolating us at home, I've been cooking up a storm.  Steeled by my success with the sourdough bread, I've now baked sour dough cinnamon rolls and french bread to varying degrees of success.  I'm documenting what I did so I can remember later.  :-)

Cinnamon Rolls



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A Very Very Messy Job

Once upon a time Dave fixed a leak in the exhaust hose.  You might remember that Apsaras tried to sink herself when she had a hole in her exhaust hose.  Alas, she sprung a leak again.  Dave has been alternatively fighting it and trying to ignore it for a while now.  Mostly its harmless.  Dumps wate…

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Gluten Free Sourdough Bread



  • 3 C Maninis Old Fashioned Bread Flour
  • 1½ cups water
  • 1 tbsp coconut sugar
  • 1½ tsp sea salt
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 1 cup of active starter (see notes below)
  • 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

I made starter following these instructions - but instead use…

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Covid Haircut

What with the lockdown, Dave can't get a haircut.  No problemo as Melissa used to give him a buzz cut all the time when we were on our 2 year venture.  So we grabbed the clippers off the boat.  Though MacGuyver had to sharpen the blades as they had gotten rusty in the past few years.  Here's the bef…

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How many starters is that?

Anyone who follows this blog religiously (yeah, I know, that's Dave and my Dad when he was still with us), knows that Apsaras loves to destroy starters.  A few weeks ago we were going to head over to the fuel dock and fill up.  Alas we couldn't get the boat started.  Now we knew this was coming as D…

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Day 11 - Home again, home again, giddy jig

We awoke to a gorgeous day.  Dave says it will start raining tomorrow, so good day to go home.  Melissa spent the morning doing 13 Trip Advisor reviews of all the restaurants we visited on this trip.  Dave is still playing with his new drone toy.  He made a couple of great videos - one of our favori…

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Day 10 ā€“ Whole lotta nothing

Breakfast at the condo.  Then some video games and Dave flew his copter.  Melissa went for a massage and pedicure.  Then dinner at Tuna Blanca.  Ok, we don’t know why, but every single night out the restaurant has put us at the best table on the beach with a view of the sunset.  We speculated as to …

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Day 9 ā€“ You canā€™t go back. Or maybe you can.

As we had been talking about trying to use our gift certificate for Los Arroyos Verdes, we decided to go back there and hang out at the pool.  Years ago (2013) we were there twice – once on Christmas day for a lovely day by their fabulous pool.  The second time was for a disastrous new years eve…

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Day 8 ā€“ Labor of Love

Melissa awoke before Dave and caught up on email.  She then started blogging.  She hadn’t yet done any blogging – so she had 7 days to catch up on – along with all the associated picture and video processing.  Which took about 5 hours.  Meanwhile Dave played with the software for his drone.  It does…

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Day 7 - How Long Does a 1000 Piece Puzzle Take?

At 8am Melissa takes out the puzzle that Santa brought.

9 hours later she stood up from the table having barely moved meanwhile.

Meanwhile, Dave decided to try and fix his computer.  Apparently the latest Windows update broke its ability to play sound.  (Which explains why the other ni…

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Day 6 - Trip Over the Mountains to Mascota

Brunch was leftovers.  Melissa cooked up most of the remaining tuna and served it with a pineapple salsa.  Then we headed out over the mountains.  About a 2 hour drive over winding roads took us to Mascota.  Bob and Joyce had chosen to stay up in this mountain village for a few days before they will…

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Day 5 - Visiting Los Arroyos Verdes 6 Years Later To The Day

Melissa awoke to find Joyce had roped Bob and Dave into helping her shell and devein the 4 lbs of shrimp we bought.  It took them an hour.  Meanwhile, Melissa cooked up some frittata with ham and veggies for breakfast.

After breakfast we opened presents.  Theme was “favorite useful tools”.  So Bo…

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Day 4 - How Much For a Burger?

Still on the hunt for a dress, Melissa and Joyce head back out to shop.  Again they saw very little that fit Joyce and that wasn’t crazy expensive.  Except for a little shop right underneath our condo.  They had hand painted dresses that were gorgeous.  Melissa bought a dress too.  We should have ta…

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Day 3 - How Much Fish Can We Eat?

As Uncle Bob wanted to have a big shrimp feed, we headed back to the fish market in La Cruz.  When we got there, the tuna truck had just pulled up.  Wow are they big!

So we decided in addition to the shrimp we needed Tuna for sushi.  We bought 4 lbs of shrimp and 2 lbs of fresh tuna – for a…

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Day 2 - MacGyver Plays with His New Toy

Dave got a new toy for Christmas.  Apparently Santa let him open it early.

It’s a new-fangled copter that has features like a self-stabilizing camera, and it will fly home and hover till you land it if its battery gets low.  So Dave spent a ton of time learning how to fly it.  Here are some pict…

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Day 1 - Must Remember Evergreens!

With Melissa’s allergies, flying is a pain.  There’s nothing she can eat on board the plane and even in the airport it’s a challenge.  A few days ago when she started thinking about what picnic to pack for us – and what she could and could not get through security with – a thought entered her head –…

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Canada 2019 Trip Wrap Up

When all was said and done this trip, we did 289 miles up to the Canadian Gulf Islands and back.

Early on we encountered a number of “shake down” issues – typical for a boat that hasn’t been cruising in a few years.  This is the longest trip Apsaras has made since we brought her down from Canada …

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Day 15 - Crew Promotions

When we awoke we had all spent a less than ideal night due to the sloshing about from ferry wakes.  So Dave decides to head out for the locks early.  Underway, Dave pickled the water maker again so it can sit for another year or two without being used and not get damaged.

We make the roughly 1 ho…

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