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Zip Stitches - a new edition to the med kit

As you all know, I've blogged quite a bit about our medical kit and preparation for medical issues while underway.  We found a new edition that we think is a "must have".  One of the items we originally packed up was a stitch kit in case someone was wounded.  Though the idea of sewing someone up was a bit daunting.  Enter a new piece of technology based on zip ties.  Its called a Zip Stitch.

It comes in a variety of sizes, but the idea is generally the same - tape with a "stitch" in the middle.  You apply the "stitches" much like a band aid - with adhesive.  Then you pull on the zip ties to close the wound.  


Great video about how to do it here: 

You can buy them on ebay:  Large, Medium, Small.

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