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I can get gluten free pasta here?

So when we packed up for this trip - knowing we might be here several months - Melissa packed lots of food.  Probably 50 lbs worth - gluten free flour, pasta, chips.  All the stuff that she misses down here because you can't get those foods in the grocery stores here the way you can back home.  In d…

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Birthday Dinner in Mexico


Its been pouring down rain here in Punta De Mita all day.  That's ok though because we love the sound of the tropical rain.  Did make it so that we didn't want to walk far for dinner, so we decided on Tuna Blanca - the "fancy" beach restaurant that is right across the street.  We ordered the d…

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Mexico Here We Come! Or Not. Or Yes!

We had planned to depart for Mexico on Tuesday.  Plan was to head down and spend the better part of the winter.  Dave threw a monkey wrench in that plan at 3am on Monday when he woke Melissa up and said, "I think its my heart".  Numb left hand, high blood pressure, fast heart rate, and chest pains. …

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Why working on a boat is so hard

We awoke to an even eerier smokey sky.  We had to turn on the lights in the cabin despite it being daylight because the sun was so dim.  Melissa stayed in her flannel PJs all day to keep warm as the smoke prevented the cabin from warning up.  Jim made us a breakfast of eggs benedict with fresh made …

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Do we need radar in this smoke?

Melissa whipped up a Mexican breakfast with the black refried beans she made before leaving home, scrambled eggs, fresh made Pico-de-Gallo, and a dollop of sour cream.

Then it was time for boat projects.  Dave found the slow leak in the dingy by putting soapy water all over it.  Turns out the lea…

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We’re Sinking!

Breakfast was yogurt, homemade granola, and sausage.  A light breakfast as we plan to head out on the big expedition today.  We need to go find a gas station to refill the gas for the dingy engine and generator.  And we plan to visit Sand-dollar bay.  Its not actually called this.  It’s a nickname w…

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What is a Boroscope?

We left Gig Harbor early in the morning and headed to Longbranch Improvement Club Marina.  Cute place.  Docks in good condition and plenty of room for us.  We had a heck of a time getting onto the dock though because the wind was right on our beam blowing us off the dock while Dave was backing into …

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Jellyfish! Zillions of em.

We awake to a dead calm morning.  We pulled up anchor and headed for the Clearwater public dock to fill up with water.  While there, we were fascinated by the thousands of jelly fish surrounding the dock.

While underway, Jim and Melissa cooked up a hash of sweet potatoes with lobster mushro…

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"Entertainment" while at sea

We awoke knowing the winds would kick up today.  We did not anticipate the entertainment value that was in store.

For breakfast we had bacon, with yogurt and homemade granola.  We continued our investigation of the HuntAKiller murder game we started a couple of days ago.  We got far enough that…

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We manage not to screw up the spinnaker!

We had arranged for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box this week from Hitchcock’s to be delivered to Jim and Margaret’s daughter’s place on Bainbridge Island.  Yeah, we need more food like a fish in the ocean needs more water.  But its such great stuff they send!  Jennifer is also a Hitch…

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Generator #4

Today we had planned a lay day at Paulsbo.  Do a few of the never ending list of boat chores.  Alas the boat had other plans.

After a breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries and a side of sausage, Jim, Margaret, and Melissa decide to play a bit of the HuntAKiller murder game we brought with us.  …

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Don’t anybody open the fridge!

Melissa awakes early and starts even more cooking.  Black beans turned to refried beans, because Mexican breakfast!  And then a rhubarb coffee cake.

 Dave makes a run down to the boat with more groceries and just shakes his head at all the food.  Jim and Margaret arrive about 10 am and …

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How much food will fit aboard?

We have been prepping food for days now.  Melissa has made homemade roasted pecans in two flavors – rosemary sea salt and cinnamon maple.

Then of course there needed to be gluten free hamburger buns for Jim’s famous burgers which he is also prepping.


Then there needed to be st…

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Longest we have been out since our 2 year venture

Since arriving home in 2015, the longest we have spent on the boat is a two week vacation in Canada.  This summer has been a boon.  The silver lining to being in quarantine is that we have been able to work and live aboard Apsaras again.  Since the July 4th weekend, we’ve been aboard the boat mor…

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Somewhere quiet please

Not really wanting to spend another day among the party boats, we head to Wollochet Bay.  A few ski boats and a ton of gorgeous homes around the bay.  But much quieter.  We neglected to take any pictures!

How many people you bet turn up with COVID next week?

Rumor is that they serve breakfast here at Lake Bay on weekends.  So Dave heads up to the restaurant – sure enough breakfast sandwiches that he brings back to the boat.  Yumo.

After breakfast – at high tide so we don’t have to worry about hitting ground on the way out of here – we start out f…

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And you thought we had a bad day yesterday…

So Melissa has consistently been doing 7 to 8 hours a day in meetings for the past two weeks.  New team members spinning up has added to her already heavy workload.  While Dave has been taking half days off.  So Melissa decides today she is going to take a whole hour and go for a kayak ride at lunch…

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Seen better days

Today we - Nearly go aground, realize the bilge pump isn’t working, struggle with a docking, and blow fuses.  Yeah, it’s a crazy day at sea.

At 4am Melissa hears Dave wake up and pull up some floor boards.  She knows he doesn’t do this unless he thinks the boat is sinking.  Weird.  But he do…

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Enjoying an old favorite

Dave took another half day off today, while Melissa was in 7 hours worth of meetings.  Dave decided to go for a nice walk around Gig Harbor.  He stopped to read all the historical placards located all over town.

Melissa reports having heard the sump pump run at odd hours.  It sounds like the sh…

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Taking your dock with you

So its Tuesday and Melissa is back-to-back in meetings.  Dave lets us loose from the mooring buoy at Blake Island at around 11am, and we head to Gig Harbor.  It’s a bit of a grey and cloudy day, so the solar is not making much power.

We arrive in Gig Harbor between meetings so Melissa can anc…

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