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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

A Very Very Messy Job

Once upon a time Dave fixed a leak in the exhaust hose.  You might remember that Apsaras tried to sink herself when she had a hole in her exhaust hose.  Alas, she sprung a leak again.  Dave has been alternatively fighting it and trying to ignore it for a while now.  Mostly its harmless.  Dumps water into the bilge which the bilge pumps then pump overboard.  Alas....

The "trunks" in the aft of the boat store all kinds of gear.  Its a semi-dry environment back there.  We expect stuff to get damp.  But its a huge area where gear can be stored.  The bilge overflows into those trunks.  One of the items stored back there was the steel container Dave uses to store old engine oil that he pumps out when he changes the engine oil.  He stores it and then gets rid of it when we get the opportunity.  Alas water and steel don't really do well together and the steel container rusted through and through.  Thereby dumping all its contents into the aft compartments and coating all the gear stored there in.


Double Yuck.

Here's what it looked like:


It was gonna be a messy ugly job to clean it out.  So we called Jim to help.  Figuring that if Dave sat in the aft compartment having someone on the dock to hand stuff off to would make the job at least a small bit less horrible.  The guys unloaded the compartment of all the gear.  Which then had to all get cleaned.  Jim took the electrical cords home with him to work on as the guys were about beat by this point.  (Go Jim!)

Once unloaded they had to pump out all the oily water into buckets because we didn't want to pump all that oil into the lake.  And then the compartment had to be scrubbed.  And scrubbed some more.

And finally.  The aft is probably cleaner than its ever been.  And yet the exhaust has not yet been fixed.  A job for another day.  Always another boat job!


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