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Air Conditioning Repairs

We have not been using the AC at all since we arrived.  Mostly we just open up the windows and doors and let the breeze cool us off.  At night, we turn on the fan in the bedroom and that is enough to keep us cool.  But we know its going to get warmer.  There are two air conditioning units that don’t work – the one in our bedroom and one of the upstairs guest bedrooms / Dave’s office.  We had an expert come and give us a quote to fix.  They need to replace the compressors on the roof along with the units in the rooms themselves.  Total cost to lug the new compressors to the roof, remove the old ones, and install the new in-room units - $1000 USD.  Yeah.  Back home would likely be 10x.  Though not all the work is quite the same…

Yesterday when they came, they installed the new units, but alas one of them didn’t work.  Dave couldn’t sort out why – something with the electrical circuit.  They came back the next day to finish the repairs and got everything working.  The new in-room units are smaller.  So they tried to patch the paint.  Sigh.  Wish they had just left the unpainted wall for us to fix with the touch up paint that was left to us by the prior owner.

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