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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Charly Arrives!

Charly is set to arrive this afternoon.  In the morning we ventured out in search of a Huanacaxtle table.  We have been looking all over town at various slabs of wood.  We have found prices vary anywhere from $2k to $4K for the size and type we want.  We had noticed another place right in La Cruz and decided to stop in there to look around.  There we found a slab exactly the dimensions we wanted!  And at a crazy cheap price of $1K.  So we left them a deposit and set of instructions on how to build us the custom dining room table we wanted for the new condo.

We picked Charly up at the airport.  We had a great time hanging on the beach, and he went for a long run down the beach and got lost coming back.  Oh well…

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