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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

The best restaurant is always >1 block off the beach

Trying to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet after Charly departed this week, we decide to head over to one of our favorite restaurants in Bucerias – Mezzogiorno.  We’ve been there twice and had success getting them to cook Melissa’s gluten free pasta.  Alas the only package we had left was the one that Mezzogiorno opened last visit and then packaged up for us to take home.  They refused to take the opened package into the kitchen – citing health regulations.  This was a serious bummer as Melissa was really looking forward to pasta tonight.  Frustrating because there is really nothing here Melissa can eat unless they cook her some of her pasta.  So we paid for our bottle of wine, and left with the bottle only half empty.  We head down the street in search of another option.

One of our very favorite restaurants in La Cruz when we were here 7 years ago aboard Apsaras was a place called Masala.  We had heard they opened a Bucerias location and had spotted it on another walk through town.  We decide to head over there.  Turns out that Sunday’s are “no cork fee” night – so they happily poured us the rest of the bottle we bought at Mezzogiorno.  The food was as good as we remembered!

The restaurant had a nice view of the town square.  And we were treated to “dinner and a show” when the cops showed up.  Best guess is that someone stole something from the OXXO right below the restaurant.  Three cop cars showed up – lights flashing.  Likely the most exciting thing to happen here in this sleepy town all week.

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