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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

The whales mess with us

With Charly here, we wanted to do all the tourist stuff today!  So in the morning we headed over to the La Cruz farmer’s market.  Its an outdoor market, where you can buy the usual Mexican trinkets as well as food and fresh produce.

When you enter the market they take your temperature with a hand held device and give you hand cleaner.  All the stores down here are doing this.  Charly laughed himself silly about this tho.  For years he worked for Fluke where he sold this type of equipment.  And these devices only detect surface temperature – which generally speaking will be the temperature of the air around you.  So he felt this was more about “don’t go out if you have a temperature” more than an actual measure keeping anyone with COVID out.

After that, it was whale watching and snorkeling.  We headed across the bay to a small area where we could snorkel.  The snorkel gear aboard the boat wasn’t ideal but we made due.  And dang it – we know better!  Note to self- need to get some snorkel gear for us and guests at the condo.  Water was cold but refreshing.  After floating around a bit we headed back to the boat.

Then we went whale watching.  You are supposed to stay at least 100 yards away from the whales.  Problem is that the whales don’t always pay attention to this rule.  We cut the engines and just let the whales go where they choose.  At one point they swam right under us.  A big bunch of bubbles came up right under our tiny panga.  Oh please don’t flip us over!  They didn’t.  We suspect the know how to keep from whacking into the boats as it wouldn’t be fun for them either.  But boy were they close!


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