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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Impromptu BEG Meeting

After an early start we pulled into Egmont in the late afternoon.  The current at the dock was running two knots which could have made for a tricky docking.  But Dave managed it with no difficulty at all.  Melissa went to do laundry and various errands.  At 4:30 she realized we were nearly out of marine grade toilet paper and went to the fuel dock to get more (only marinas sell the stuff and you dare not use regular store bought stuff because it will cause horrible head problems!).  Alas the Back Eddy marina didn’t sell it.  Only the marina down the way does.  By now its 4:40 and they tell her that the marina store closes at 5:00 and it’s a 10 minute walk.  So off she goes down the road.  She arrives at 5:00 on the dot, only to discover that the marina store they said closes at 5:00 is not only the marina store but the grocery store as well.  Fortunately they held the store open so she could buy all the groceries we will need for the next three days at Princess Louisa where there are no stores and no hope of any supplies.  And they drove her back to the boat with the load of supplies.  Gotta love small towns.

Margaret and Jim arrived in the early evening and we headed to the pub.  We had heard they had a great burger, and we had an impromptu BEG meeting.  Dave and Melissa split the 10 oz Skookumchuk burger – which was a sight to behold – loaded with bacon, cheese and grilled onions.

Photo Courtesy of Jim Maurer

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