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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

No smoking zone

Dave tells Melissa that mounting the two new smoke/CO detectors is her job.  "What?! You are going to let me loose on the teak wood with a screwdriver and a drill?  Me?  When if I put so much as a tinsy winsy scratch on it I will know that it will drive you crazy till you refinish the whole interior?" Ok.  I'm over it now.  I can do this.  Really.  Oh.  But the screws that come with the unit are too long and will poke through the interior wall.  So off to the hardware store for shorter screws.  I bought 4 (needed 2 for each unit).  I install the first unit, and we promptly decide not to install the other unit as it is totally redundant.  So I now have 4 screws I don't need (the two long ones from the unit I did install + the 2 short ones for the unit I didn't install).  Later Dave asks what I did with them.  I threw them away because I didn't need them I reply. I am proud of this as I figured screws rolling around would just scratch stuff.  Apparently that was the wrong answer though.  I now know the right answer is "I put them in the spares kit with the rest of the stray screws because you never know when you might need one."

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