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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Changing the Anchor Light

Dave wanted to make sure to practice with the mast climbing gear before anything critical required a trip up the mast.  So he decided to go up and change out the anchor light to an LED that uses way less electrons.  It was really hard work because the system basically involves a system that allows you to climb the mast by crunching your way up.  Your body and feet are attached to clamps that won't slide unless released.  So you release the foot clamp, scooch your feet up, secure the foot clamp.  Then release the body clamp, stand up, and reclamp the body clamp.  I got some footage of Dave coming back down that shows how the system works.  Took him probably 15 minutes to climb all the way to the top.  He had to stop a couple of times to rest.  And to psych himself back up as it was fairly freaky as when you are 65 foot in the air any small movement of the boat gets amplified.

He got to the top and realized he needed a pair of pliers.  So he disconnected the safety halyard and sent it back down to us and we tied the pliers to it.  He successfully then changed out the light.

He had also planned to run another wire down through the mast for another radio antenna.  But in all the excitement of figuring out how to climb the mast he forgot.  So that will have to wait for another day.

 I was glad he got back safe and sound!

 Here are some pictures Dave took from the top of the mast:


And more pictures of the climb:


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