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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

What color is the spinnaker?

We sailed out of Vancouver at lunchtime set for a nice little place called Plumper Cove.  Along the way, Dave decided to put the spinnaker sail for the first time.  It was still in the bag it came in till today.  We had no idea what color it was.  Dave put it up, keeping the jib out till the spinnaker was loose so that it wouldn't flap in the wind till he was ready.  Watching it unfurl for the first time was fun, and almost made up for yesterday.  We sailed for about 30 minutes, making a whopping 1.7 knots.  Oh, well, its the thought that counts.  Dave couldn't stuff it back into its bag when he went to put it away though.  Will have to work on that later...

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