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Guanajuato - WOW

Guanajuato is a beautiful city.  Having been all over the world, we can say its one of the most beautiful we've ever been in.  Ranking only second to Santorini.  We would rank it above Barcelona and Paris for sheer beauty.  When we got up this morning we walked the historical district.



There are a number of amazing churches worth visiting.  Though it was sort of strange - all that wealth poured into gold and glitter within the Churches when Mexico has so much poverty.


There are a number of markets and you can buy almost anything fresh.



After that long walk we decided to hunt up a bar called Clave Azul recommended as a "top pick" by Lonely Planet.  It was worth hunting for.  It was up a small alley way off a larger square.  In the photo below, Dave is standing at the entrance to the alley which was about 2 feet wide.  It opened up and indeed was a great place to sit and have a drink and a snack.


 After lunch we went to the mummy museum.  There is nothing else like it in the world.  The largest collection of mummies anywhere in the world.  They even have one mummy that is the smallest ever found - a baby found still inside the mother who didn't live through the pregnancy.  As the mummies dry, the flesh tightens up - making the mouths open wide.  This caused speculation when they were originally found that maybe they had been buried alive.  But this was later proven not to be the case.  The reason they were dug up was that at one point the Mexican government instituted a tax on the families of the dead - and if not paid, they would dig up the graves and dispose of the remains.


 After the museum we took a tram up the hillside to a vista that overlooks the city.  We found a brand new restaurant and sat and enjoyed the view and a bottle of wine.

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