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Welding on a new spinaker pin hole

One of the things that frustrated us on the Alaska trip was that (1) we couldn't raise the anchor all the way when the spinnaker pin was installed (in picture below anchor should be laying flat in the channel not up at an angle), and (2) that the spinnaker pin kept coming lose when the spinnaker sail was deployed.  So there were two things that needed to change: (1) the pin needed to be replaced with something that wouldn't come loose, and (2) the spinnaker pin hole in the bow sprit needed to be raised a couple of inches.


So Melissa designed this plate to be welded on.  She sent the design to several welders to be quoted.  Sure enough when the welder came the plates were perfect. 

Here is the final finished product with the anchor now fully raised.  And we replaced the quick release pin that was faulty with a bolt and lock nut.  Should hold firm for the spinnaker on the trip to San Francisco!

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