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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 11 – Captain there be whales here!


We went out and around San JuanIsland today to watch for whales.  Ravital was convinced we wouldn’t see them because they had taken 2 professional whale watch tours and never seen them.  I told them not to fear because we had Captain Dave at the helm.  Sure enough, about half way around we ran into one of the pods and got to watch them swim past.  We also got to see lots of Dahl Porpoises.

We then cleared customs in FridayHarbor.  After some confusion on Dave’s part about why Ori’s green card was in Hebrew – he got the right paperwork to the inspector.  Customs has a camera on the dock.  They have all the passengers stand on the boat so they can compare them to the passports that Dave put into the automated scanner.  So they can clear us without anyone even being present.  They even recognized that Melissa had colored her hair since her passport photo was taken.

Breakfast was Spanakopita and fresh melon.  Lunch was herbed wraps with ham, turkey, Swiss, and havarti cheeses.  We did a bit of shopping in FridayHarbor.  Ravital and Melissa bought yarn for scarves.  We had snacks at one of the restaurants on the wharf.  We had dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant that Melissa and Dave had been to before.  Yummy.

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