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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 12 – It’s a wild life out here


We spent the day today at JonesIsland.  We only saw one deer, and the ranger told us we shouldn’t feed it. L  But we spent the day relaxing and watching the wild life.  There was a baby seal that floated into the harbor without his head.  Looks like a killer whale ate half of him.  That brought the vulture to chew on him.

Then there was the puffin.  She would dive under water and search for fish.  You could see the whole school of fish jump out of the water all at once to try and get away.  This brought a seagull over who would sit on top and chomp on the fish when they jumped out of the water to get away from the puffin.

While the rest of us relaxed, Dave played with the boat’s electrical system.  He wanted to rewire the fridge so it would run off a battery circuit.  Normally it runs only when the generator or engine is going, but we aren’t running those enough to keep food cold enough.  However, once again, this boat’s electrical system wasn’t exactly up to snuff.  Something about the neutral bus being all hosed up.  Eventually Dave got it figured out though.  After he fixed that, he was also able to fix the Air Conditioning system.  Apparently the cooling pump needed to be primed.

There was also a 40 ft dead head in the harbor.  We decided we would tow it out of the way with the dingy up onto the beach to make sure no one hit it.

For brunch we had eggs cooked with cilantro, tomatoes, and onions.  From the rest of that we made more fresh salsa.  Late afternoon snack was a variety of cheeses with another bottle of champagne.  Dinner was marinated chicken with hummus, and cucumber/yogurt salad.  Mmmm.  We watched for satellites and shooting stars after dinner.  Then we stirred up the water to watch the phosphorescence.

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