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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 7 – Are you sure we can’t rescue you?


We got up this morning at 5:30am to make it out of Malibu Rapids at slack tide.  Melissa fretted a little bit about going through the rapids again.  But when we got there the sea was like glass.  Went right through.  On our way back to PenderHarbor we heard a distress call on channel 16.  Guy in a sailboat tucked into a remote little bay had no working propeller.  Engine started but the prop wouldn’t turn.  We changed course to offer them what assistance we could.  They were a small sailboat – about 26 ft.  We could tow them if necessary – but I figured Dave would just fix whatever was wrong.  By the time we got there the guy had figured out what was wrong and insisted that they were fine.  Rats I thought we had another adventure on our hands. ;-)

We had lunch in one of the pubs.  In the middle of lunch Dave decided the boat was dragging anchor and zoomed off tossing me his wallet on his way out.  But by the time he got back to the boat the anchor had reset itself and all was fine.

Turns out this place has WiFi internet.  So Dave went off to get us signed up for the night.  Might be able to catch up on email – we need a fix.  Been without it for a solid week now!

While Dave was gone we had a little excitement on shore.  Boy (maybe 12 years old?) vs. Bobcat.  Everyone could hear that bobcat screeching all the way across the bay.  Much hollering, more screeching, more hollering by Mom and Dad this time.  All conversations on board all the boats in the bay and marina ceased.  You could have heard a pin drop except for all the dogs barking.  But it seems the boy must have won as the bobcat ran off and the boy and parents emerged from the woods all in once piece.

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