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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Holly leaping batfish Robin!

Woke up to calm seas. Decided to hang out where we were till the wind started to blow. When it kicked up, we went to the bay we were in the first night. There was a trail up to a well and a cave. The hike was pretty strenuous over huge boulders and all we had were sandals. But we made it.

When we got back to the beach there was another couple. They were the only "gringos" we had talked to since we left port. Amazingly, they were from Seattle. They keep their boat down here and go back to Seattle in the summer when it is hurricane season here. They told us the best place to leave a boat is San Carlos. You can get "Mexican-ized" boats down here cheap that aren't really worth of worldwide travel but are great for Mexico. A cheap way to have a second home.

Then we sailed back to the mainland. Along the way we saw tons of flying manta rays. They were leaping 3 or 4 ft out of the water.

Then we went to the beach at the top of the mainland where the natives hang out. There were a couple of restaurants right on the beach where we sat and had margaritas and guacamole.

Dave dived off the boat to cool off. Weird to be able to fall in the water and not freeze to death.





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