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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Travelin' travelin' travelin

We left home at 4:45am PST and arrived here in La Paz at 6:30pm MST. 12 hours. 2 planes a taxi and a bus. We sat on the tarmac at Los Cabos airport for an hour waiting for a gate to open up. The bus was FREEZING cold. Dave was comfy, but Melissa about froze to death.

Dave got great aerial photos of all our anchorages on the way down. Amazing that he could even get them through the window of the plane. On the bus on the way down they showed a movie. We must remember to go rent it when we get home so we can figure out what the heck the plot was. Great action movie though. Sure wish we could have understood it.

Bob Moore of Seascape charters came to get us at the bus stop. Bob is a nice guy who would go out of the way to get us anything we needed. He dropped us off at the boat and we had dinner on the pier. When we got back to the boat we found that the master bed was soaking wet. The lower portholes were left open and water had sloshed in. So first thing we did was to remake the bed.

We like the boat. Though it would have been weird to have another couple with us because the front bunk is split - one high and one low. Some things we like better about this boat than the last one. There is less up and down stairs to get from one end of the boat to the other, but it is smaller inside. This one is better for hot weather because there is more deck space and no windows to act like a greenhouse.





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