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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Blog posts : "2008 Canada"

Day 15 - What to do? What to do?

We can only get out of Fisherman's Bay today at 3:00pm or tomorrow morning at 5:00am.  We have to be in Anacortes no later than 11am tomorrow.  But today the winds forecasted today are supposed to be heavy (20 to 30 knots) and it is pouring down rain and foggy.  Not the best conditions to sail eit…

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Day 14 - Where did the dinghy go?

Dave got up early the next morning to head out.  He headed off to the restroom and upon his return spotted a dingy that looked just like ours down at the fuel dock.  Hmmm.... Looks just like ours, he thought.  Hey wait!  It IS ours!  Now how the heck did it get all the way down here last night?  G…

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Day 13 - A day at the spa

We hung out in Ganges for the day.  It was beautiful and sunny and warm.  One of the few really nice days.  We set out about 1pm for the spa which was up on the north end of the island.  We took a taxi ride up there.  The spa was one that follows the Indian traditions.  Dave said it was the best m…

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Day 12 - On the hunt for cheese

Dave decided that he wanted to try navigating down to Ganges harbor on Salt Spring Island on the east side of the islands, rather than taking our usual inside passage in more protected waters.  Since it was calm, this was no problem.  But it meant getting up at 7am and departing early so that we w…

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Day 10 - A long but quiet day at sea

We got up early (well, Dave got up early and Melissa snoozed) to start the long sail from Desolation Sound back across the Straights of Georgia.  We decided on one very long day of sailing because Dave was determined to get Melissa a "spa day" at Poet's Cove on Wednesday.  Sailing across the Strai…

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Day 9 - Whew! That was a close one!

Early Sunday morning the winds kicked up again.  Melissa listened to them much of the night. Amazingly Dave slept through most of it.  He is famous for being awake on deck all night whenever the wind blows and we are at anchor.  Particularly surprising given our experience at Garden Bay.  However,…

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Day 8 - How many bottles did we drink?

We decided to just hang out at Roscoe Bay as the weather was rainy and wet.  Dave, Cindy and John hiked up to a nearby lake.  Along the way Dave found a huckleberry bush and found that Cindy and John had never tasted them before.  This lake was even warmer than the previous lake where the boys jum…

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Day 7 - Don't Fall Overboard!

The next morning, John got up and went fishing.  He caught one small flounder, but nothing else that was big enough to keep.  For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with ham and hollandaise sauce and grilled English muffins.  That might even be better than the traditional Eggs Benedict.  Yum.

We t…

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Day 6 - We made it!

The next morning we got up early and made our way from Garden Bay all the way to Desolation Sound (the holy grail of boating in the Pacific Northwest).  A long day, but it was pretty country the whole way, and we saw quite a number of dolphins.  John tried fishing for salmon, but didn't have any l…

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Day 5 - Dinner with Auntie Bill

This morning when we awoke, all was a bit calmer than last night.  But we slept till about 1:30 after having been up half the night, so we elected to just hang out on the dock and not try to go further north today.  We went to the pub and ordered up burgers and sandwiches for lunch.  Before our fo…

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Day 4 - A bump in the night

Today was to be a day that would generate several stories that will no doubt live on for many years to come.

We got up early as we were all anxious to get underway.  After a quick trip to the liquor store to stock up, we were off at 10am - headed for the Straight of Georgia.  We got underway under …

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Day 3 - Long but quiet day

We got up early and were underway before 9am.  This will probably prove to be our longest day underway.  We had to get to Dodds Narrows in time to go through before 6pm.  We were shooting for 5pm to give us a 1 hour buffer.  Underway we had a brunch of yogurt, homemade nut cinnamon nut granola and…

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Day 2 - Where did the whales go?

We got up the next morning and headed out for a trip around San Juan Island.  We were looking for whales, but alas we never did see any.  None the less, the scenery was great.  For brunch we had eggs Benedict and some sweet melon.  Melissa was cursing whoever had stocked the kitchen galley as ther…

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Day 1 - Can fish dial a cell phone?

We left home at about 9:30.  Headed to Whole Foods for cheese and olives.  The car was packed to the gills.  Not a square inch left, but Melissa couldn't stand the idea of leaving without good chesses so we put a cooler in the back seat between the seats and filled it with gourmet cheeses.  We pic…

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