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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 13 - Invading Turkish waters!

Today was a beautiful sailing day.  By far the best sailing the whole trip.  We sailed around to the north side of KOS to the main marina where we were to leave the boat.  Along the way we dropped anchor for an hour to visit some volcanic hot springs.  The water coming out of the springs was boiling hot.  So it was weird to be able to stand in warm water where the hot springs mixed with the ocean. 

After that we sailed over into one of the bays over in Turkey.  Turkey looks pretty much like the Greek Islands.  Lunch along the way we made from all the various leftovers - meatloaf, ham and cheese, and veal.  Mmmm.

When we reached the main marina, we found the best facilities we had seen anywhere along our route.  Everyone went for long hot showers!

That night we had a rope tying class taught by our own Captain Dave!

Dinner was lemon chicken made with the preserved lemons that Melissa made the first day we were on board.  They had finally soaked long enough in the olive oil and were ready to be eaten.  Yum yum!

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