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Blog posts : "2012 Belize"

Late getting home

We woke up and headed down to breakfast - which was a zoo.  People and kids everywhere eating doughnuts, cereal, and other assorted pastries.   After locating the lonely eggs - the only available protein, we chowed down and were off to the airport.  When we got to the gate, we found our flight was l…

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Starting for home

10am flight to Belize International means we will be picked up at the hotel at 9:45am.  While the rest of the civilized world scrambles to get in the air, we have no worries about security scans.  I mean who cares about blowing up a 12 passenger plane anyway?!  After we made our way to our Miami air…

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Eeek! Scorpion!

We found out that on Dec 30 after we were due to depart there was to be a bartender contest.  Edison our bartender was defending the title. In an attempt to help him out we insisted on trying all the drinks he was planning to make for the contest. They all passed inspection.  There was a Star Martin…

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Giant Turtles (again!)

We went diving out on the Silk Cayes again.   Yet again amazing coral.  The fish were  ok - lion fish (which everyone wants to kill) and lots of other tropical fish.  Lunch was disgusting.  The BBQ chicken was so dry we couldn't tell the difference between the flesh and the bones.  Yuck.  But after …

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Swimming in a cave

We went on a Mayan ruin tour followed by a cave swim in the 7 mile cave.  This was a ton of fun.  Dave managed to lose his head lamp when he dove into the water.  We spent 15 minutes searching the water for it.  Fortunately Dave managed to retrieve it 8 foot under water and we were off.  After swimm…

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Christmas & Boxing Day

In a Christian country (this was British Honduras as recently as 1989) you can bet on there not being much to do on Christmas and Boxing day.  That is just fine with us as reading books and drinking the local rum drinks sounds like the perfect vacation to us.  However, the bugs are starting to drive…

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Christmas Eve

We hung out doing nothing useful all day and then had dinner with Mike and Christina at their hotel.   Hard to believe it is almost Christmas.  They are due to leave first thing in the morning to make their way back to San Francisco.

Relaxing dinner

The winds have calmed down and we make our way back to port without incident.  Dinner that night at the restaurant on the beach was relaxing.

Dave chooses wisely

In the morning there was another boat in the bay.  Odd for them to have arrived after dark.  Dave went to talk to them and learned they had been at an anchorage he had rejected as too exposed.  At 5:30am they were awakened having had their mooring buoy break loose.  They had landed on a reef.  They …

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Begining of the end

Predicted to be the end of the world due to the Mayan calendar running out, the day started out windy and cloudy.  After struggling to get our second anchor aboard we headed to Lark Caye - another Caye that was largely mangroves.  The winds have picked up to 20 kts so Dave got in a good sail on the …

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Found a hurricane hole

After breakfast at Hatchet Caye and a quick WiFi fix to catch up on email, we were off to Northeast Caye in the Pelican Cayes.  We learned later that a Moorings charter boat was attacked here by pirates.  We were glad we didn't know that!  The winds had been predicted to increase and this was a good…

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Dave saves a turtle

We headed for Queens Caye (known to locals as Silk Caye).  We heard that over 100 baby turtles had been born the day before.  We all snorkeled and saw some of the most incredible coral formations we had ever seen (including the Great Barrier Reef in Australia) along with lots of tropical fish.  Alas…

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$10 each to walk on the beach?

In the morning we tried to go ashore wand walk around.  But the owners wanted to charge us each $10 to step foot on the island that would take 5 minutes or less to walk all the way around.  We then headed to Hatchet Caye an awesome resort.  They had lobster on the dinner menu so we hung out.  We a…

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Jerk Chicken

We went into town for a few supplies before leaving.  A woman on the dock in town offered up red beans and rice along with fresh cooked jerk chicken and fresh baked macaroons made from fresh coconut she had just finished shredding.  Despite having plenty of food, I could not resist.  Despite not hav…

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I love a well stocked boat!

We got up at 5:30am (this is vacation?!) to catch our flight to Belize then a Cessna Caravan to Palencia.  We met up with Mike and Christina Lederer at the Moorings base.  They had already stocked the boat.  So after the hour long briefing on the local anchorages we were off!  The briefing included…

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No shorts for purchase in Florida?!

I went hunting for a pair of shorts.  You would think this was no problem in southern Florida where it is 80 degrees.  Alas, summer outfits are out of season and all I can find are long pants and sweaters.  After looking everywhere including the Target store, I finally found a few pairs at JC Penny …

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Shopping on Rodeo Drive

Mom and I went shopping on Worth Avenue (Rodeo Drive of Florida).  It was insane.  I found a purse that I liked for a price tag of $5900.00.  So not happening.  We saw the 4 freshmen with Mom and Ted, which was the whole point of the Florida stopover.  Great venue - very intimate.  Not a bad sea…

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Palm Beach

Arrived at the airport at 5am for a 6am flight.  Security was a mess and took 45 minutes.  We ran for the flight and made it by 3 minutes.  Why did I not book us first class or at least think to use an airline that Dave has privileges for?!  We arrived in Florida and got the rental car and cruised t…

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