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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

First River Bar

We left at 6:00 under drizzly and foggy conditions. Visibility was less than 1 mile until we got out in the ocean. Then it improved to 2-3 miles only letting us see land at times. The wind was from the south 10-15 knots. Swell was from the northwest at about 2-3 feet. There was not much to see since visibility was so poor. We did get to see a huge yacht with a helicopter on top while towing a 45' dinghy (bigger than us). We talked to a Nordhavn that diverted to take a look at some gray whales but we did not see the whales - only an occasional crab trap (in the trap free zone) and one dolphin.

We turned in towards Grays Harbor to find the south wind waves and northwest swell colliding with the ebb current mounding up into confused seas. This turned out to roll us a bit more than we had wished. One roll cleaned the counters and knocked over the coffee table. It takes a 30 degree roll to do that (Dave measured it). Gerry and Dave decided it would be prudent to head south, overshoot the entrance and then turn NE letting the seas push us rather than try to roll us over. The bar crossing was smooth even though we crossed with about 1.5kt ebb.

The only casualty was the latch retaining clip for the upper drawer in the galley broke allowing the drawer to open and close on each wave. Duct tape held the clip together for a while but the other half of the clip gave out in the end. A bungee cord had to suffice for the remainder of the day. Maybe I will transplant a clip from a less used drawer and secure the donor in some other manner. The top drawer in the galley is the most used drawer in the boat so it should have the best securing system, IMHO.

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