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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Floating garbage

Wanuskewin called early this morning and said they were pulling up anchor and headed to a nearby rock to try and go snorkeling.  They had to anchor in 70 feet of water.  Shortly thereafter we followed them out.  Alas when we got there, the swell over the reef was rolling us around and since we hadn’t even finished our morning coffee Melissa was worried stuff like the coffee maker was going to go flying, so we headed to Bahia Honda.  Later Mike told us the snorkeling wasn’t that great because the motion of the water over the rocks was killing visibility at the surface.  But it would have been a great place to dive as down a ways it was great.

The islands continue to impress us.  We are surprised that someone hasn’t put a sailboat charter location here.

Along the way, we saw all sorts of stuff in the water.  For whatever reason, trash seems to collect in this area.  Wanuskewin got the prize though for spotting a refrigerator and a 55 gallon drum:

We came across a turtle that we thought had gotten stuck in some debris and diverted to try and rescue him.  Turns out he wasn’t stuck though, probably just munching on a branch of the tree.

The humpback whales are also in the area as they come down here to give birth.  We saw a number of them along the way.  Tons of dolphins too.

We also saw what we thought were snakes in the water.  Though Mike told us later these are harmless eels that its fine to swim with.  Yeah.  Right.

Underway these days it’s common to see rain in the distance but most of the time it evaporates before we get to it.


But when we reached Bahia Honda, a squall came up and it poured rain on Melissa while she was lowering the anchor.  Her clothes still hadn’t dried by the next day.  Dave was happy to collect 20 gallons of fresh water in the tanks because we were getting low.  Getting low in his mind being down to 100 gallons remaining – half our capacity.  The thunder boomed as loud as we’ve ever heard as it echoed off the hills that surround the bay.

After we got settled, the children on one of the islands all decided to come over and visit.  We passed out what goodies we had – a freebie, a beach ball, and some kids sunglasses.  They were grateful, but what they wanted was children’s books.  One of them, Phillip, spoke excellent English and volunteered to take us on a tour of the island tomorrow so he could practice his English.

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