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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Port Ludlow

The plan this weekend was to bring Apsaras down to Elliot Bay so that Dave can do some maintenance on her - nights and weekends.  There's a long list of stuff to be done - including replacing her generator - which you may recall caught fire in panama.  So we made the 10 hour long trek down from Canada to Port Ludlow today.  When we crossed the boarder, Dave called US Customs, and gave them our Nexus numbers, along with the boat registration numbers, and "Welcome to the USA".  Love not having to actually pull into port to clear customs!

As we were pulling in Port Ludlow, the light dawns on Dave that we have no cruising guides for Puget Sound.  Melissa has a vague recollection that we gave them away when we were headed south thinking we wouldn't need them again till they were out of date.  Doh.  Best laid plans... meanwhile Dave is trying to remember how to get behind the little islands at the end of Port Ludlow.  One of the three entrances is a "sucker hole" that the deer walk across at low tide.  Hmmm.  But which one?  Dave chooses to the best of his recollection and goes very slowly.  Melissa stands on the bow peering into the murky water hoping to see ground before we hit it.  We motor on through with no issues - 7 foot clearance below the keel at high tide.  One of the sailors yells at us as we get to the back "hey - you want to come through that other one next time - you were lucky!".  Well, not exactly.  The entrance that is truly un-passable we promptly see deer wandering across.  So we did the one passable only at high tide.

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