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Canada 2019 Trip Wrap Up

When all was said and done this trip, we did 289 miles up to the Canadian Gulf Islands and back.

Early on we encountered a number of “shake down” issues – typical for a boat that hasn’t been cruising in a few years.  This is the longest trip Apsaras has made since we brought her down from Canada in May of 2017.  So not surprisingly there were a number of maintenance issues, plus planned projects.  Between Jim and Dave they managed to complete a lot of projects - so Apsaras came home in better shape than when she left:

  • Install new kitchen faucet
  • Replace deck light
  • Rewire cockpit outlets
  • Fix light over kitchen counter
  • Whip kayak ropes & jib sheets
  • Fix Generator
  • Fix mount for fridge strut
  • Buy and install new starter battery
  • Cycle & pickle the water maker

There are still boat projects remaining to be done – as there always are.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of about 20 hours worth.

  • Fix the exhaust pipe
  • Trim some floorboards being replaced
  • Add a switch to turn off the solar
  • Fix the 2.5 HP dingy motor (parts on order)
  • Fix the diesel heater in the back
  • Install Melissa’s wash down pump!
  • Change the Racor filter on the main engine
  • Replace the starter
  • Build a new ammeter and install it
  • Replace the forward head duck bills
  • Replace the rear head toilet seal
  • Replace the light in the forward cabin (parts on order)
  • Replace the anchor roller (parts on order)
  • Replace the BBQ heat shield (parts on order)

We asked everyone what their favorite thing was along the way and everyone had a hard time deciding.  The food was fabulous.  (Yes, Thierry Rautureau we do have fresh herbs aboard.)  The murder game was a blast (note to self – put that on the repeat list.)  The spa at Poets Cove is hard to beat – especially near the end of the trip.  Catching a crab with drilled out lamb bones.  Anchoring in the quiet bays of Clam, Otter, Montegue, Chemanus, and Medicine Beach.  Getting Jim more training as helmsman.  The farmers market at Ganges.  Getting a new kitchen faucet.  Great movies almost every night.  Winning out over the spiders.  Though now that Apsaras is back at Carillon Point, the spiders are sure to take over the boat again!

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