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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 11 – Quiet Day

By the time Dave and Melissa awoke, Jim had already prepped breakfast.  He had diced up sweet potato and onions for hash.  He cooked that up along side mushroom omelettes.  After which we headed out of Clam Bay headed for Otter Bay.  It’s a nice little marina where we picked up a mooring buoy.

After the guys went into pay for the buoy, we hung out on the boat.  Melissa served some homemade french country pate and the rest of the red sangria.  We are down to one batch of white sangria now.  Must be nearing the end of the trip!

Sitting in the bay, we could hear and see construction going on up on the hillside behind the bay.  The gang spent a good hour speculating on what was being built and how.

As the resort here at the marina had a pool, we all headed in for a quick dip and to lay in the sunshine.  Melissa and Margaret realized that apparently we have an Apsaras uniform thing going on.

The mooring field here is pretty tight and we had speculated that when the wind died and the boats started drifting in different directions – if we went stern to stern with the boat behind us, that it was quite likely that we would hit.  And sure enough when the wind died, we were about to hit – so Dave decided to move Apsaras to another mooring buoy.  It was a bit further out in the bay, and after we got settled we realized we liked it better because the view was better.  We sat and watched the sunset.

Jim then grilled up lamb chops with fresh rosemary while Melissa made quinoa with lemon and parsley.  We served this up with the tzatziki sauce that Melissa made yesterday.  As usual a nice red wine was served.  After which we had a bit of homemade limoncello.

After dinner, we had Dave look at the solution to our murder mystery to tell the rest of us whether we had the solution right or not.  Dave’s comment was, “you guys have a lot of work left to do”.  Uh oh.  What did we miss?

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