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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 15 - Crew Promotions

When we awoke we had all spent a less than ideal night due to the sloshing about from ferry wakes.  So Dave decides to head out for the locks early.  Underway, Dave pickled the water maker again so it can sit for another year or two without being used and not get damaged.

We make the roughly 1 hour crossing – only to find that the small locks were being repaired.  They had a crane out working on them.  So we had to wait for the big locks to cycle which takes a while because they typically want to load a lot of boats.  Alas when the lock opened, we had to wait for another cycle because there was a big barge coming through and commercial traffic gets priority.  Bummer because Jim and Margaret’s 4 year old grand daughter had come down to watch us go through and she didn’t have the patience for the more than hour long wait.

By the time we got through everyone was starved as we had waited to cook breakfast figuring it would be easier once we were in the lake where its smoother.  Jim and Melissa again worked together to do the last round of Eggs Benedict – this time making it with the leftover prime rib from the restaurant at Roche Harbor and a side of asparagus.  And of course, mimosas along side!

Once we reached our home dock at Carillon Point, it was time to unload.  Took 5 dock carts worth to unload the gear and trash.  And then once home, 4 loads of laundry to get through all the sheets, towels, and damp clothing.  By which time we were pretty well beat!

Dave gave promotions to Jim and Margaret.  Jim became a Lieutenant on the USS Apsaras.  Margaret had previously elected herself Chief WSS (Wine Swiller and Spiller), but had been demoted to Junior WSS for forgetting Jim had been promoted to Mate and using the wrong title (Swab) when referring to a shipboard officer.  Today she regained her title of Chief WSS.

However, the back side of their hats serve as reminders that screw ups can cause demotions.  Jim is just happy that from Lieutenant, he isn’t likely to be busted back to Swab again, just Ensign.  This leaves Melissa wondering if she is now the one wearing the Swab/Mate hat?

Melissa did one more leftovers dinner.  Margaret had suggested that the leftover chicken drippings and potatoes from last night’s dinner could make a great cream of potato soup.  Which is exactly what Melissa made.  Oh man was it yummy.  Along side pan fried chicken thighs made for a nice hearty dinner.

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