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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 6 – Chef Jim Creates

Still on the dock at Ganges, it was time to head out for an anchorage.  One of our favs – Montague Harbor.  After a breakfast of pancakes and sausage we head out for the one hour hop.  After grabbing a mooring ball, Jim, Margaret and Dave all head off to the park for a walk.  Melissa stayed behind to catch up on email and blogging as she has gotten behind!

Upon their return, Dave says, “I’m hungry!”.  So Melissa whipped up a lunch of salami, homemade bresaola (a charcuterie Melissa made from beef), artichoke dip with chips, and olives.  A tasty snack.

Then another run with the dingy to the store to pay for our mooring ball.  And at the store, Jim managed to find a BBQ brush – so he cleaned the BBQ best he could working around the crumbling heat shield, and then tied the brush up next to the BBQ where it would always be available.

For dinner, Jim cooked a grilled leeks and chicken breast which he placed over a creamy perfectly textured risotto with the oyster mushrooms from the farmer’s market.  Jim asked “do you have arborio rice?”  But of course!  And homemade chicken stock!

After dinner we sat up top enjoying the sunset.  And just cuz, we replaced a number of old nasty fender lines with fresh soft lines.  At some point an argument breaks out about the replacement of the cockpit speakers.  Dave has replaced the old square ones that had completely deteriorated with round ones because the square ones are no longer available.  Melissa comments that they look great.  Dave grouses that he can see that they don't look quite right.  Melissa says the fiberglass just needs polishing.  So she gets out the polish.

Here's the before and after pictures.  You be the judge of who was right.


And then somehow Jim started talking about a sabyonne he had made recently for a big dinner party.  Which then caused us to jump up and decide to make some!  Melissa is allergic to cane sugar so Jim used coconut sugar instead.  We weren’t sure it would melt properly but it did.  Though the texture was a bit heavy (likely due to the lack of a proper stainless steel bowl in which to whip it over the boiling water) and the color was more like caramel.  Dave helped out by grilling some peaches that Jim poured the sabyonne over.  The addition of Melissa’s homemade orangechello (think limoncello but with oranges) added a nice dept of flavor.  And finally, a topping of crushed pistachio nuts.  We do eat well on this boat!

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