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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 2 - MacGyver Plays with His New Toy

Dave got a new toy for Christmas.  Apparently Santa let him open it early.

It’s a new-fangled copter that has features like a self-stabilizing camera, and it will fly home and hover till you land it if its battery gets low.  So Dave spent a ton of time learning how to fly it.  Here are some pictures of what all he has gone and “seen” nearby us.

And here is a cute video of all of us waving to it as it returns:

As today is Sunday, we headed down to the farmers market in La Cruz.  We had enjoyed it a number of times when we had the boat down here.  But boy has it grown – its about triple the size since we were here last.  Like maybe 200 vendor booths.  We bought fresh veggies, gluten free bread (yeah! Cuz there was none at the Mega).  We even found some homemade dish soap that won’t make Melissa’s hands break out, dry up, and bleed (yes this is an actual problem – very painful).  We did manage to lose Uncle Bob though.  We accidentally wandered away from him and it took us an hour or so before Dave found him.  We bought some fresh Mahi Mahi for dinner tomorrow night.

Then because we were visiting La Cruz anyway, we decided to have Tacos on the Street.  Not just any tacos on the street – but the Tacos on the Street.  Alas vegetarian options for Joyce were limited.  None the less – Yumo!

Bob and Joyce commented that there was no hot water in our condo unit.  Apparently, they took cold showers this morning.  Dave can’t find the water heater – cuz you know MacGyver, he’s determined to fix it.  After a quick exchange with our Airbnb host, we find there is a utility closet outside.  Sure enough the pilot light is out.  Dave lights it and it goes out.  Dave lights it and it goes out.  Dave lights it and leaves the access panel on the water heater open – and Voila it stays lit.  Dave then makes himself a “pilot light vent hole cleaner” out of a scrap of wire he found in a drawer.  And Voila – the fix is permanent.

Melissa had made reservations for Dec 24 for Restaurant Mercedes.  Dave and I thought we might go for a walk and check it out to make sure that is where we wanted to eat for Christmas Eve.  Following the Trip Advisor app – we could see that it should be located right below our condo – maybe even in the same building.  Alas we couldn’t find it.  Knowing that sometimes the maps here in Mexico get confused due to the odd way they state addresses here – we decided to walk down to our favorite wine shop in town (we were out of white) and look along the way for the restaurant.  Much to our delight we discovered that our favorite wine store was now a restaurant – and as luck would have it – the one we made reservations at!  The place was gorgeous!  The chef came out and talked about what he could cook for Melissa to get around her allergies, and the head waiter said he had already reserved the best table in the house – right on the beach at sunset for us.  Oh we are so going to keep this reservation for Christmas Eve!

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