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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 7 - How Long Does a 1000 Piece Puzzle Take?

At 8am Melissa takes out the puzzle that Santa brought.

9 hours later she stood up from the table having barely moved meanwhile.

Meanwhile, Dave decided to try and fix his computer.  Apparently the latest Windows update broke its ability to play sound.  (Which explains why the other night when we were watching football the sound didn’t work on Melissa’s laptop either until we plugged it into the TV via HDMI).  Dave first tried all the suggestions he could find on the internet to fix it.  No dice.  So then he tried a driver updater called Tweak Bit Driver Updater – which was supposed to be one of the best.  Alas at that point his computer wouldn’t boot at all – and the keyboard was not working so he couldn’t even try to restore to a previous snapshot backup.  Some swearing occurred at this point – which is very very rare.  So Melissa knew Dave was truly frustrated.  Dave hopped in the car and drove to Mega to buy a cheap external keyboard ($7.50 US).  This worked and Dave was able to restore his computer and all was well.  Though the sound still doesn’t work.  So “zero progress” after a day’s efforts.

We then headed to Si Senior for dinner, having seen that they had slow cooked beef short ribs.  Alas they were out of them!  So we had the pork carnitas instead.  Again they put us at a nice table for two only a few feet from the surf where we could watch the sunset.  The Margaritas were amazing!

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