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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 9 – You can’t go back. Or maybe you can.

As we had been talking about trying to use our gift certificate for Los Arroyos Verdes, we decided to go back there and hang out at the pool.  Years ago (2013) we were there twice – once on Christmas day for a lovely day by their fabulous pool.  The second time was for a disastrous new years eve dinner.  We paid (if memory serves) about $200 each ($400 total) for the fancy affair which we expected to be next to the gorgeous pool.  We were promised steak and lobster dinner.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and the hotel was forced to move the party indoors to a building on the far side of their property – with no kitchen.  They then brought in home sized BBQ’s and tried to cook the dinner on them.  Without proper lights they burned everyone’s dinner.  As in charcoal briquettes for the steak and lobsters.  Inedible.  Meanwhile the rain caused the roof to collapse and water poured through – which the staff shored up with pipes while we wondered if the remaining roof was going to fall on our heads.  And there was not enough wait staff so you had to wait endlessly for drinks.  We ordered a bottle of wine three times before it finally showed up.  And when we went to pay the bill there were drinks on it from another table as they had been using first names to keep track and “David” is not exactly uncommon.  We wrote them an email with feedback about the evening and how they might improve upon it in the future.  They thanked us and gave us a gift certificate for a free night stay at the hotel and a bottle of champagne.  As it has been many years, we figured we were not likely to ever use the free night stay.  But we would be happy to trade the nights stay (worth about $200) for a couple of day passes at the pool (worth $25) and the free bottle of wine.  In the end, after much back and forth, the hotel agreed.  In the end we got the free day passes but no drinks.  And while it might sound petty – the lack of “fairness” in all of this irks us a bit.  Unlikely we will ever return.

From there we headed to dinner in La Cruz – one of our favorite haunts from 2013 – a restaurant called Masala.  We thought it had closed several years ago, but were told that its just open in the high season during the winter.  So we figured we would give it a try.  Yummo!  The food was as fabulous as we remembered!

The sangria is a good as Melissa makes.


Caesar salad - top notch.  Wish I could reproduce the dressing.

Grilled veggie salad with blue cheese gratin dressing.

Duck with hibiscus sauce. 


Filet over homemade raviolis.

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