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Getting to Thailand

I worked a 12-hour day in the office on Friday, went home to finish packing, and headed for the airport. Erica and I got on the plane Friday night just after midnight. The flight to Hong Kong wasn’t bad as we had premium economy seats with a bit of extra room and they tilt back further. They also feed you full meals and free drinks. Since Erica and I had made a no drinking while in Thailand pact – we availed ourselves of the wine. I had pre-ordered gluten free meals. Dinner was a piece of cooked chicken – no sauce and not even any salt, with some steamed veggies. Bleck. Only consolation was that Erica said hers was not much better. We then caught a few hours’ sleep between babies crying and turbulence.

A 13-hour flight to Hong Kong, but we arrived 30 minutes early for a 9-hour layover before our flight to Phuket. But the Phuket flight was late, so in the end we were in the Hong Kong airport almost 12 hours. Fortunately, Erica had a free pass to one of the lounges. There was near to nothing I could eat anywhere in the airport. Most everything had soy sauce. For breakfast the only thing I could find was an eggs benedict and told them to remove the muffin. Was pretty soupy like, but oh well. For lunch – a no bun burger. Mid-day we went and had foot massages. My feet had swelled up something terrible on the flight and then were cramping something awful. So the massage helped a lot.

Then the three-hour flight to Phuket. Immigration and Customs were a snap. They issue you a visitor visa when you arrive. The hotel driver had a sign with our names on it and we hopped in the van for the hour ride to the hotel. By the time we got there I could barely keep my eyes open. We checked in, unpacked, and grabbed a quick dinner. Chicken breast (this time properly salted with pepper) and a side salad.

Took us 32 hours door to door to get here.

The place we are staying is an integrated hotel, restaurant, and work out facility. https://phuketactionpoint.asia/ Very inexpensive (about $1300 each for a 7 night stay including food, hotel, training, and massages). The room is nice. It has a little deck outside and a view of the courtyard.

They have this clever “poor mans bidet” that I am thinking of installing back home. Its just a kitchen sprayer mounted next to the toilet.


I slept pretty much like a log.

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