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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Generator #4

Today we had planned a lay day at Paulsbo.  Do a few of the never ending list of boat chores.  Alas the boat had other plans.

After a breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries and a side of sausage, Jim, Margaret, and Melissa decide to play a bit of the HuntAKiller murder game we brought with us.  We played one last year and it was a blast.  We crack open the suitcase filled with police reports, evidence, and the writings of a mad man.

Meanwhile Dave goes to start the generator.  No dice.  After wearing himself out pulling the starter rope, he decides to rebuild the carburetor.  No luck.  Still won’t start.  He replaces the spark plug.  Still no luck.  He’s been struggling with it ever since the gas got in the crankcase.  Dave and Jim suspect a stuck valve.  At this point its not worth struggling with further as the previously seized engine is not likely to recover.  Time for a new one.

Dave debates which one to buy.  The one with the electric start is looking pretty good right now.  But its 100 lbs and won’t easily be lifted onto the back steps where Dave likes to put it so that we don’t have to listen to it.  He decides to stick with the pull start that is more manageable on deck.  For those counting, we started off with the inboard generator that caught fire in panama and hasn’t been repaired (going to have to cut out the kitchen cabinets so it’s a giant pain).  Then we bought a Chinese model in Panama.  It lasted a matter of days before dying and we took it back to the store.  We then bought the marine honda generator from an importer in Panama and its done pretty dang well up until this year.  So this one is #4.

Dave orders it up from West Marine and then arranges to have a taxi bring it from Bremerton to Paulsbo.  The guys take the skiff ashore to pick it up.

The fill it with oil, and it starts right up!


Some ham and chive cream cheese rolls ups with homemade salsa, guacamole and chips for lunch.

Then it was time to take out the tomahawk steak out for dinner.  Minus the giant rib bone that has been made into stock.  We served it with fresh green beans, collard greens, and a big salad.  We took out an old bottle that Jim had given us years ago.  Alas Apsaras isn’t a great place to keep wine for 10 years, so its not a happy bottle anymore.  Will no doubt become chili or something else later.


Dave has been wanting a haircut for a while.  So we get out the clippers and give him a haircut on the back deck.


A lovely sunset on the quiet bay.

At this point we are flying our giant American flag.  An argument breaks out about whether a flag must be lit at night.  Rumor is that the rules around this changed recently.  No matter, we turn on the deck light that Jim climbed up to replace last year.  Voila!

Alas the watt natzi says we can’t leave on all night and run it on batteries.  So Jim starts to play Taps from his phone as we lower the flag.  Jim admonishes us that we are not folding up the flag properly and gives us a folding lesson while we are all doubled over laughing.

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