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Another starter bites the dust

Apsaras really likes to eat starters.  After having replaced the starter a few weeks ago, Dave and Jim tackled the big job of removing the turbo charger so that they could fix the leak that drips onto the starter.  Been a problem for years, but the leak has gotten worse – to the point where there is always water in the bilge.  So they decide to tear down the engine a few weeks ago.  A somewhat nightmareish job.  They had to disassemble the exhaust riser, intake manifold tube, oil inlet and outlet, coolant inlet and outlet, and air cleaner to get to it.  There were two nuts seized so badly to the studs so they had to pull the studs.  And in one case there was a tube in the way preventing the stud from being removed.  So that tube had to be cut and then replaced.  It took 20 man hours to disassemble the engine over the course of several nights and weekends.  Finally the turbo charger came off!

Then Dave spent 3 hours prepping things for reinstallation, cleaning, repainting the turbo charger.  Ultimately reinstallation went much faster – about 3 hours.  Then the nail biting moment of trying to start the engine yesterday.  And… nothing.  You guessed it – the starter went bad yet again.  The starter installed in July lasted exactly one trip to Poulsbo and back.  Probably a total of 2 boat starts.  But during the engine work enough water poured on the starter to take it out again.  So Dave and Jim replaced the starter – again.  This is the fifth time Dave has replaced it – for a total of six starters Apsaras has had since we bought her.  Let us hope we have given her enough love that this starter lasts longer.  Melissa is nervous about launching tomorrow for a week long trip without another new one in stores because she can’t get one overnight.  Dave swears that he can probably fix the one he just removed if he cleans it up.  So that will have to do for a spare for now.

The forward head has been not holding a seal.  So Dave and Jim pulled the vacuum pump unit out and put it in the garage where they could take a closer look.  It wasn’t holding a seal and they suspected the grommet connection for the pipe at the right in this photo had gone bad.  So they replaced the grommet and sure enough it started holding a seal on the bench.  They reinstalled it with new duck bills.  Alas, the head is still not fully holding a vacuum seal.  More work to come there.

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