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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Bob arrives

Melissa has not spent any length of time with her cousin Bob since we were kids.  A wedding here, a dinner there when we pass through Minneapolis, sure.  But not like a “get to know you as an adult” vacation time.  When we bought the condo here, Melissa reached out to her Aunt to invite her (she couldn’t make it this year) and told Char to reach out and let Bob know we would love to see him and his wife Patty.  Turns out they were just trying to decide what to do with their vacation week, which had already been booked well in advance.  A quick couple of phone calls back and forth – and plane tickets got booked!  Patty has never been to Mexico before – and like everyone – they have been in quarantine a long time.  So they were so very excited to come!

We picked them up from the airport.  Weirdly, Melissa’s cell phone stopped sending/receiving text messages – which caused a freak out moment when we realized we couldn’t communicate.  But all was well in the end – Bob and Patty made their way through customs and out of the airport where we were waiting to drive them back to the condo.  Their reaction when we arrived “the pictures don’t do it justice”.  And as per usual, Dave’s Margaritas fit the bill as we watch the sun fade!

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