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Kitchen Before and After

When we moved into the condo. the Kitchen was painted a blueish purple color.  Bizarre given the wood tones.

And there was this ugly modern picture on the wall.  So not our style.  And the color clashes.  Red painting, blue walls, orange tile and natural wood cabinets.  The combination was jarring.

So we decided to have the blue painted out with white.   Melissa told Irving on a Monday she wanted him to paint the kitchen.  Next day:

Here is the picture of what it looks like after the painting.

We wanted shelves that looked like our table - with the amazing wood found here.  Melissa talked with the owner of the local shop that made the table. For $250 he promised to make and install two shelves that looked beautiful.  He did not disappoint.  All the colorful glassware that was left to us looks great on the new shelves.

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