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Valentia buys Art

Valentina has had a great week hanging out with us.  We have cooked a ton of great food, Valentina has had a swim in the pool every day.  And is feeling refreshed.  She is also on the hunt for artwork for her newly decorated living room.  So we head over to M8 gallery – owned and operated by Marco Alverez.  Marco was the artist that did most of the artwork here in our Mexican condo.  Sure enough, Valentina found a piece that she loved that was a perfect color match to her new living room!

After the art gallery, we headed back to Litibu Grill.  We asked Valentina what she wanted to do on her last day with us – and this was it!

There is a small swamp area next to the restaurant.  Sunning himself was this baby alligator.  So cute!  In the photo he looks a lot larger than he really was.  Maybe 2 feet long.

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