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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Valentina Arrives

Dave was supposed to fly home for two weeks for work.  Alas the testing he was supposed to do got canceled due to project delays. Meanwhile, Melissa had invited Valentina to come visit so that we could hang out and have some girl fun.  But Valentina decided to head to Mexico anyway – having been fully vaccinated!

She was to arrive late, and not really wanting to drive the dark highway at night with all the crazy Mexican drivers who will pass on corners – we set up a van to retrieve her.  Alas the best laid plans… Valentina took a wrong turn and exited the airport without her bags.  So she had to figure her way back in to get them, and then come out through customs again.  All that took quite a while, and by the time she got outside the airport, her driver had figured she missed the flight and departed without her.  And there were no taxis left.  She called in a bit of a quandary wondering what to do now.  Melissa tried to raise the van driver, but without his cell phone number, that was difficult as the condo manager who arranged the van was also not picking up.  Later it would turn out she had a sick kid who was throwing up – so she was distracted.  Dave hops in the car and starts making his way to the airport – a 45 minute drive.  Meanwhile Melissa tries to find a van or taxi to pick her up.  Alas all the van companies work only on pre-arranged schedules – not on demand.  And most taxi’s are not licensed for airport pick up.  AGGHHH!  Finally one taxi driver took pity and called back to say he would go home, get his personal car, and go get her.  By then Dave was more than half way there.  But at least Valentina was secure and on her way to us!

When she finally arrived – it was with three suitcases.  Two of which were filled with gear she schlepped down from Seattle for us.  Everything from a BBQ cover to grain free chips and crackers for Melissa!

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