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Sunrise on Bandaras Bay

Melissa was up working early this morning.  She got out the good camera to capture the sunrise over the ocean.

Gluten Free Olive Bread


  • 1 ¼ cup warm water (about 110° F)
  • 1 ½ tsp active dry yeast
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 cups (300 grams) gluten free flour blend
  • 2 tsp guar or xanthan gum (omit if in blend)
  • tsp kosher salt
  • ½ tsp ground black pepper
  • ½ tsp 

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Batteries and Solar Lecture

Dave did another lecture for the La Cruz marina today.  This one on batteries and solar.  It was very well received and was the biggest crowd yet!  Though with everyone spaced out such that they were nice and safe.  Copy of the presentation is here.

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Air Conditioning Repairs

We have not been using the AC at all since we arrived.  Mostly we just open up the windows and doors and let the breeze cool us off.  At night, we turn on the fan in the bedroom and that is enough to keep us cool.  But we know its going to get warmer.  There are two air conditioning units that don’t…

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What happened to that quart of teak oil?

There is a lovely breakfast table outside the kitchen on the deck.  We have breakfast there every morning.  Problem is that the poor thing was very sun worn.  So we bought a quart of teak oil.  That only got us through one coat on the table and two of the chairs!  That was one thirsty table!

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New table arrives

We have always wanted one of those big wood tables.  And now we have a place to put it!  After looking at dozens of slabs – we decide on this one.  The workmen at the shop were using it as a work bench.  But we love the swirl of the knot in the middle.  This wood – Huanacaxtle - grows like a weed do…

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Breakfast on the Veranda

We are settling into the new condo.  Melissa has the kitchen all organized and all the missing kitchen equipment on order from Amazon.  She is nearly done cleaning junk out of all the closets.  This morning Melissa fixed a big Mexican breakfast that we enjoyed on the table just outside the kitchen. …

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Buying a Mexican Condo

Back home you could close a cash deal in 48 hours.  We know cuz we did it once.  Alas things here in Mexico are so bureaucratic that 6 weeks is typical.  No idea what takes so long.  But the deal did hit a snag.  What follows is what we eventually unraveled really happened – though this unraveling t…

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A day to chill

Ok, admittedly its been a little crazy.  Work has been busy, the condo deal going sideways, frustration with the car registration process.  Today was a day to just hang on the beach and do nothing more than snooze and read books between ordering another margarita.  First real down day we’ve had sinc…

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SSB Seminar – Do Over

In our continuing lecture series, Dave again today lectured on SSB radio gear.  Dave lectured on SSB equipment back in 2013 when we were here on the boat and got rave reviews.  He brushed up the lecture and did it again.  SSB was on its way out back in 2013, and now its even more so.  Hence the tur…

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Moving Day (again!)

Since the seller has decided not to allow us to rent until closing, we have to find another place to live.  We decided on La Cruz and a condo tower on the hill.  No sound of surf on the beach, but the view is spectacular.  So we again packed up the car – this time an even tighter squeeze because mea…

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Marina lecture #3 - 7 years in the making

When we got here, we reached out to Kat at La Cruz marina.  She has been managing the place since before we visited 7 years ago.  We offered up to do lectures for her if that were of interest.  Dave lectured on SSB equipment back then and got rave reviews.

We agreed with Kat that this year wou…

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Mexican Condo Insurance Analysis

One of the contingencies for our condo purchase was making sure that it has sufficient insurance coverage.  Condo insurance consists of three parts:

1.            The exterior structure of the building & common grounds

2.            The interior of the units (flooring, cabinets, ba…

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The best restaurant is always >1 block off the beach

Trying to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet after Charly departed this week, we decide to head over to one of our favorite restaurants in Bucerias – Mezzogiorno.  We’ve been there twice and had success getting them to cook Melissa’s gluten free pasta.  Alas the only package we had left was the one that…

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T-Mobile without borders is not forever. Obtaining a Mexican cellphone

When we left home, we made sure that T-Mobile had turned on international roaming.  They allow you to use your calling minutes and data for free.  “Use your phone in Mexico and Canada!  Enjoy Mobile Without Borders.  Get unlimited talk, text and data throughout North America” is their claim.  …

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Buying a car entirely in Spanish

With the condo deal now awaiting closing we start to debate what to do with the car.  Renting is expensive – even after we found a local place that charges about half what the cars near the airport available through Expedia charge.  We are paying $750 per month.  Won’t take long before it would have…

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The whales mess with us

With Charly here, we wanted to do all the tourist stuff today!  So in the morning we headed over to the La Cruz farmer’s market.  Its an outdoor market, where you can buy the usual Mexican trinkets as well as food and fresh produce.

When you enter the market they take your temperature with a …

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Charly Arrives!

Charly is set to arrive this afternoon.  In the morning we ventured out in search of a Huanacaxtle table.  We have been looking all over town at various slabs of wood.  We have found prices vary anywhere from $2k to $4K for the size and type we want.  We had noticed another place right in La Cruz an…

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Helping with orphan gifts

Today we were all set to look at properties that the local real estate agent has lined up for Erica.  We first went and looked at some places in a big complex called Punta Esmeralda.  Unfortunately, that complex – as it turns out – won’t allow three big dogs.  And likely with good reason – there rea…

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Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls and French Bread!

With COVID isolating us at home, I've been cooking up a storm.  Steeled by my success with the sourdough bread, I've now baked sour dough cinnamon rolls and french bread to varying degrees of success.  I'm documenting what I did so I can remember later.  :-)

Cinnamon Rolls



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