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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 2 - Where did the whales go?

We got up the next morning and headed out for a trip around San Juan Island.  We were looking for whales, but alas we never did see any.  None the less, the scenery was great.  For brunch we had eggs Benedict and some sweet melon.  Melissa was cursing whoever had stocked the kitchen galley as there was no whisk.  None the less, the hollandaise was still pretty good.  Later in the day a thunder storm came up and the lightening in the distance was spectacular.

We headed into Friday Harbor to drop off Chuck who was headed back for the mainland via the ferry.  Melissa and Cindy went into town to get a whisk and some steak knives.  Meanwhile the guys found a spot to tie the boat up on the outside of the breakwater dock.  We decided to just stay there for the night.  Dinner was mustard chicken skewers and cucumber salad.  And of course, more good red wine.

It wasn't until the next day did Melissa realize we never did pay the harbor master for letting us tie up for the night.  Hmmm... I wonder if they will send us a bill.  Maybe if we pass back through there we can pay them.

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