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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 6 – Busting my ass

The day started out as usual, rise early, head to breakfast at 8, and then first fitness class at 9am.  It’s a cross fit class, but with a twist.  This time we were working in teams with everyone’s performance determining who “won”.  This of course is intended to create competition to both be fun and motivate people to work harder.  But this tends to work against me when it comes to physical activities because I will push myself harder than I should.  I know this.  You would hope I would compensate.  Alas no.  Half way through having exhausted myself, I managed to reinjure my glute muscle that I already weakened with an injury a few days ago.  So I had to desert my team mates half way through.

Then onto the LPG massage.  Go away cellulite!  We won’t know if this worked till we get some additional treatments back in the US.

I called Dave back home because I have not talked to him in over a week.  He is busy trying to get the boat read for our two-week trip in September (more blog posts on that coming soon).

Then we decided to head off to the spa yet again.  We got facials and foot massages.  Yes, I know, we’ve got our daily massage.  But you know they don’t spend a lot of time on your feet.  So our feet were feeling neglected.  Total cost for the two of us combined was - $66 USD.  Crazy cheap.  Funny part was that when the treatment was over – I got up and the therapist said “Good Morning” at which point Erica started laughing.  I then asked “who was snoring?” because I had been listening to someone snore and couldn’t figure out if it was someone on the left (Erica) or the guy to my right.  Apparently, that would be me that was snoring.  Huh.  Didn’t know you could be just enough asleep to snore, but still enough awake to wonder who it was.  This exchange just made Erica laugh all the harder.

Then it was time for our second work out of the day – another round of Thai boxing.

In the evening we hung out in the pool and then had dinner.  The “inmates” here that are part of the weight loss program are from English speaking countries – UK, US, Canada, Australia.  So we are starting to make friends.  Tonight, we chatted with a guy who was a cop back in NJ.  Very funny dude.  Claimed that being a cop was “like high school with guns” because it was all about who was sleeping with who and who wouldn’t sit with who in the break room.

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