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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

SSB Seminar – Do Over

In our continuing lecture series, Dave again today lectured on SSB radio gear.  Dave lectured on SSB equipment back in 2013 when we were here on the boat and got rave reviews.  He brushed up the lecture and did it again.  SSB was on its way out back in 2013, and now its even more so.  Hence the turnout wasn’t the 60 people – standing room only it was back then.  But still a lively engaged crowd of folks.

Following the lecture, Dave was approached by a sailor currently parked in the La Cruz marina.  He wanted to know if Dave would come look at his radio gear – which we had plenty of time for – so Dave headed down to help out.  Turns out the guy’s radio gear was working fine – just lots of noise from the surrounding boats packed into the marina.  So Dave spent the majority of the time booting up the sailor’s new laptop and getting it operational with download of weather data for the boat’s upcoming trip back north to San Diego.

After that we had dinner with one of the new condo owners.  He had reached out to us as he owns one of the other units in our complex and wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood!

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